Body Exfoliation

Tropical Exfoliation and Body Wrap

Infused with de-aging fruit extracts (Papaya-Pineapple), this delightful treatment delivers a tropical sensory experience. Your body is gently polished to remove surface toxins and dead cell accumulation of a de-aging balm concludes your escape rendering your entire body detoxified and silky-soft, with visibly brighter skin. Now your body is ready to be pampered and gently wrapped in a papaya-pineapple crème fraiche that deeply nourishes and repairs your skin. Soothing vanilla and exotic de-aging tropical fruits add to the sensory experience with vital components such as Collagen Polypeptides and Retinol to smooth, Elastin Polypeptides to firm, and Vitamin A and Pomegranate to rejuvenate and promote radiant, glowing skin. Your entire body is re-energized as the appearance of wrinkles and crepiness is dramatically reduced.

This 1 hour service is only   $80

**Recommended prior to any massage or body treatment to promote optimum benefits and enhance your treatment experience.

Body Exfoliation and Salt Scrub

A pampering, full body treatment using high grade essential oils and salts that gently exfoliate and soothe away dead skin cells leaving your skin hydrated and silky soft.  Your skin is brought back to health.  This treatment is excellent when done regularly to welcome back glowing skin.

This 45 minute service is only    $50